Rise is the Nation's first Synergistic Financial Partner

We are the ultimate growth partner
for exceptional advisory firms.

Our Idea

At Rise Growth Partners we believe that exceptional advisors need better capital solutions.

If you are a growth oriented, Middle Market RIA (1B-5B in AUM) with aspirations to become the next generation of national platforms, then you need more than just capital. You need an experienced partner to help you grow who has been there and done that.

That is why we’re building the nation’s first Synergistic Financial Partner – a partner with genuine experience and knowledge building national enterprise RIAs, alongside the minority stake capital necessary to get there.




A Synergistic Financial Partner provides non control minority stake capital that you need to grow, combined with the expertise, and advice from an experienced team of operators. Our elite team has over 200 years of combined experience building and exiting platform companies, generating billions of dollars in revenue and effecting realized exits north of $1B.

Rise Growth Partners is the partner we wish we had when we were scaling our companies as entrepreneurs and operators.

Now we are here to help the next generation of advisory firms to change the industry.

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For growth oriented, middle market RIA with 1B to 5B looking for growth capital and an experienced partner.