How We Work

At Rise Growth Partners we understand that in order to get to the next level of growth, your business needs to be ready to take on that growth. There are 3 Key Areas that must be considered in order to successfully break through the different scale thresholds that all firms hit when trying to become an Enterprise Ready RIA. 

Only a select few firms ever get to $1B or more in AUM, but it’s even harder to grow to the next level to become a firm that is greater than $5B in AUM. This is because firms don’t have the expertise or knowledge necessary to expand efficiently and create a platform that is actually scalable. This is necessary in order to break through the inevitable scale thresholds that stop companies from making it to the Super Regional and National level.

3 Key Areas:

At Rise Growth Partners, we bring proven expertise in 3 Key Areas to ensure that our partner firms realize their potential:

We understand that growth creates complexity and friction. The bigger you get, the harder it is to reach the next stage.

Our experience has given us the insight and wisdom to help you reduce the complexity of scaling your firm and accelerate your growth as you become an Enterprise Ready RIA.

What is Business Management?

Rise Growth Partner firms will have the opportunity to work with our Business Management Team to assess the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that exist within your firm. Our goal is to help you leverage your firm’s strengths while addressing the gaps within your business, enabling your company to transition from a middle-market player to an industry leader. Together, we will work to maximize your firm’s enterprise value for all stakeholders.

Utilizing our proprietary Enterprise Readiness Assessment (ERA), we compare your performance to that of national firms across three Focus Areas: Leadership Practices, CX and Service Model, and Execution. We evaluate your company based on 45 Critical Success Factors. The ERA distinctly identifies the gaps present in your business today. Subsequently, we provide you with a clearly defined plan to address these gaps, proactively manage scale thresholds, and, most importantly, position you for success.

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What is an Enterprise Platform and how will Rise portfolio companies benefit from it?

The truth of the matter is that national enterprise RIAs have interoperable technology solutions. You need  strong, streamlined technology solutions, that include both internal systems and key partner systems in order to compete at scale. These systems need to be integrated to create a seamless customer journey and experience, and an advisor workstation whose systems are adaptable and flexible.

You are not a technology company. You are an expert at wealth management. Building the next generation of wealth management technology should not be on your list of priorities.

That is why we are partnering with some of the best wealth tech providers in the world. We are creating a unified system that allows you to mount your existing systems into an ecosystem that you control. Your different softwares should be communicating interoperably without having to migrate to new systems in the process. 

We don’t care which CRM you are using. We don’t care which planning software you are using. We don’t care what you use to manage your portfolios. Your biggest challenge is that your systems are not interoperable, which is precisely what we are solving for. 

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How Does Rise Growth Partners help grow partner firms?

There are two ways we help our firms grow: Organic Growth and Inorganic Growth 

You will work directly with our team of experts who have built their respective businesses to become household names. We collaborate with you to craft and execute on a custom-tailored growth plan for your respective business. Our team has successfully executed over 150 M&A transactions in the RIA space, recruited hundreds of advisors, onboarded over $100B in assets, and has generated over 250,000 new accredited investor leads. Our expertise in growth is undeniably one of the biggest strengths we bring to our partner firms. 

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For growth oriented, middle market RIA with 1B to 5B looking for growth capital and an experienced partner.